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I spent the better part of two years creating Dookie Dog. It was my first game and I really wanted it to be the best game I could make. I worked really hard on trying to get the graphics bright and bold. I wanted Dookie Dog to be not only fun but also challenging. I spent a great deal of time creating each character interactive object. I really hope you enjoy the Dooke Dog Game journey.

Dookie Dog is a Goofy and fun iOS game for iPhone and iPad. It is a full featured game with over 100 levels and tons of fun characters, animations, interactions, and hidden dookie eggs. Dookie Dog will entertain you for hours.

Take an adventure through 15 entertaining dream sequences where you will help Dookie Dog learn how to Dookie.

Tap, hold and pull her nose to aim for and land on the grass Dookie target. Let her go and PEW!!!

Also, tap the interactive creatures, trees, and almost every other object to have more fun!

Don’t forget to view the creative comic strip intro to get introduced to Dookie Dog and her story.

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Total Dookie Dog Dookies Dookied!

dookies dookied in Dookie Dog the game.

Dookie Dog Demo Video

Watch the demo video to see a quick synopsis of me playing dookie dog.

Dookie Dog has:

  • unicorn cartoon Unicorn who Farts rainbow dust?
  • dookie dog game cow character Cows who make you angry? Maybe you don't like dairy?
  • dookie dog game chicken character chickens on fire with Flaming Dookies?
  • watch a goat eat and poop a tin can?
  • dookie dog game squirrel character squirrels that go crazy?
  • flying dookie dog game goat character Goats ?
  • flying dookie dog game pig character Pigs ?
  • flying dookie dog game cow character Cows ?
  • Dookie Dog has flying Birds! .. ? .. um well yea I guess.

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How many dookies would a dookie dog dookie if a dookie dog could dookie dookies?

answer: 10 Dookies?

Dookie Dog Intro Video Animation

This is the intro video for Dookie Dog. As you progress through the game, you unlock new comic panel animations!

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Dookie Dog messages sticker pack for iOS 10

iOS 10 allows you to send stickers to people. With the Dookie Dog stickers you can send goats , angry kitties, and other fun Dookie Dog characters to your friends.

Dookie dog also includes

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Dookie Dog uses iCloud so you can

Sync your scores across devices

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Game Center

Dookie Dog uses Game Center so you can

Compete with others

Try for GOLD!

Golden dookie dog award icon.

Try to beat all the Dookie Dog levels. If you can do that, try to beat Dookie Dog with all GOLD awards!

Dookie Dog Mini

Now Dookie Mini is now available in the app store. Its Dookie Dogs little sibling. It has a few levels for testing. These levels are different than the levels in Dookie Dog the full game. So if you have not yet played Dookie Dog, try mini. If you have played and beaten Dookie Dog now give mini a try!