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Dookie Dog is an iOS Game with lots of fun creatures, graphics, and gameplay. Check out the Dookie Dog preview video, section icons, and section screen shots with breif descriptions.

Dookie Dog is not your normal game. It have lots of hidden interactions and easter eggs. Each character has some unique animations and gestures. Some have funny noises, some respond differently depending on their mood.

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This story starts with a dog. Dookie Dog.....

Or Read how Dookie Dog starts:

This story starts with a dog. Dookie Dog. Sleeping on the floor, Dookie Dog dreams. But there is a problem....

Dookie Dog made a dookie on the floor next to the potty pad.

This is when Mr. Comes home while Dookie Dog is still sleeping..... uh oh!

"Dookie Dog!"


Said Mr.

Dookie Dog awakes, slightly confused by what is happening.

"Today? umm..." said dookie dog.

Dookie Dog continues to list things she may have done...

  • "ate your shoe"
  • "broke the blinds"
  • "ate the cats food"
  • "threw up on your pillow case"
  • "attacked the monster that lives in the closet"
  • "Yelled at the leafs in the front yard"

"Can you be more specific?" asked dookie dog.

Mr. points to the dookie on the floor next to the potty pad. dookie dog responds "Oh, that.".

Dookie dog now is kicked outside by Mr. Now this is when the adventures of Dookie Dog begins.